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Why Cornwall is Such a Great Place to Visit

This site is dedicated to the various delights of Cornwall in the UK and the many amazing activities that can be seen and done in this region.

Why is Cornwall Visited?

Cornwall is considered one of the UK and Europe's top destinations to visit. It is known for its warmer temperatures in the UK, beautiful coastline, picturesque and lush green walks, as well as a long Celtic history. Cornwall is the ultimate cultural, historic and scenic adventure in the UK. It continues to attract people from all over the world because it has something for everyone.


UK citizens have always known that Cornwall has much warmer and more pleasant weather than further north. It is blessed with warm winds from the gulf stream so visitors head south because it can be more enjoyable during the long autumns and winters.


Beauty attracts visitors to Cornwall because of its natural and artificial beauty. It has jagged cliffs, beaches, long country walks, colourful flowers, lush rolling hills, rivers and other natural wonders. Ancient relics, cathedrals, castles, moors, walls and megalithic monuments can be found in Cornwall.


Excellent weather, natural rock formations, rivers, beaches, beautiful forests and hills make Cornwall accessible for outdoor recreation. Visitors come for hiking, cycling, swimming, surfing, rock climbing and skydiving. Recreation opportunities are only limited by the imagination in Cornwall.

Cornwall should be on everyone's bucket list to visit. It is a significant part of the UK and Europe's traditions, history, landscapes and tourism sectors.

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