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St Agnes Hotel 1905

A Brief History of the Hotel

St Agnes's popularity lies in its magical atmosphere. It is unspoilt and charming with echoes of its industrial history scattered for all to see; From the old harbour ruins at Trevaunance Cove to the many Engine Houses along the dramatic coastline.

The Pub

The St Agnes Hotel has been an Inn 'for at least 200 years. At one time it was called the Kings Arms and was rebuilt about 1825 when the thatched roof was replaced with slate. c. 1844 it became Pearce's Hotel, after the landlord John Pearce, then the Commercial Hotel, then Paull's Hotel, after the landlord John Paull, and finally in 1930, the St Agnes Hotel.'*


*An extract from 'Village and Shops - St Agnes A Photographic History Volume II' reproduced with kind permission from the author Clive Benney.

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Mining and The Harbour

The reminders of St Agnes' mining history are everywhere you look in Cornwall; from the deep cuts made in the landscape to the Engine houses which sit on top of it. Just down 'Town Hill' and a few strides away from the St Agnes Hotel is the beautiful row of cottages known as 'Stippy Stappy.' Used to house ships captains when they visited the village they stand as yet another reminder of the areas rich heritage.


Photo (left) courtesy of Clive Benney
(below) Stippy Stappy Today

Stippy Stappy - Today